Embarking on a Trauma-Informed Journey

Posted on: 05 May 22

Trident Group is embarking on a journey of change.

This is a change that will enable better understanding of our customers and their experiences in life.  Especially the experiences that have resulted in trauma for them.  Our aims are to build stronger relationships with our customers and to build resilience in our teams to better support. We are therefore undertaking Trauma Informed training as a whole organisation.

What can you expect from the training?

All staff within the organisation will learn about the different levels of trauma:
• Acute
• Chronic
• Complex

Staff will learn about the impacts of trauma, such as loss of self-worth, loss of trust, shame/guilt, and even more.

A staggering fact is that 85% of those becoming homeless, committing a crime, or abusing substances have experienced trauma in their childhood.

In addition, staff will learn about the lasting impact of trauma and the skills needed to better support each other and customers who have experienced trauma.

To be a Trauma Informed organisation, Trident Group will learn the 4 Rs:
• Realises
• Recognises
• Responds
• Resists

We will also move into a model that promotes the 6 principles:
• Safety
• Trustworthiness & Transparency
• Peer Support
• Collaboration & mutuality
• Empowerment voice & choice
• Cultural Historical & Diversity.

To better understand the reactions of our tenants and service users, we need to have a better understanding of the complex traumas they have been through in-life. This training will give our staff the tools to spot trauma and its effects and help them develop a range of support options that will create a more positive relationship. Our training will encompass all staff, a range of customers, and create champions to support both groups.

David Watson, Head of Support for Trident Reach

The program which started in April 2022 will take approximately 4-6 months to roll out.