Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey Summer 2023

Last summer, Trident Group asked its customers to take part in the bi-annual customer survey. The survey covered a wide range of areas including those which will be assessed in line with the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

In April 2023, the Regulator of Social Housing introduced the Tenant Satisfaction Measures, there are 22 tenant satisfaction measures, 12 of the 22 are measured by carrying out customer surveys that will tell us how satisfied you are with the services we provide across 5 themes which are; .

  1. Keeping properties in good repair
  2. Maintaining building safety
  3. Respectful and helpful engagement
  4. Effective handling of complaints
  5. Responsible neighbourhood management

The remaining 10 TSMs are management information reported by Trident Group covering:

  • Homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard
  • Repairs completed within target timescale
  • Gas safety checks
  • Fire safety checks
  • Asbestos safety checks
  • Water safety checks
  • Lift safety checks
  • Complaints relative to the size of the landlord
  • Complaints responded to within Complaint Handling Code timescales
  • Anti-social behaviour cases relative to the size of the landlord

Our first survey to assess the Tenant Satisfaction Measures was launched over the summer of 2023 with 898 residents taking part in the survey (or 27% of our total customer base), which was representative of our customer base and geographic location. Customers could answer the survey over the phone, by filling in a paper form, and electronically.

Response Methods

Prize Winners

To thank those who took the time to answer our surveys, we chose at random some of the respondents to win a prize draw. The winners included:

I have never won anything in my life, I am over the moon, and I am going to treat myself to something nice. 

Angela Dyer

Mrs Yip in our Chinese Sheltered Scheme who was delighted to receive her voucher.

Our other successful winners said:

When we got the phone call, we didn’t believe it! We love living in our Trident property. We love decorating it,  and are going to use the money to decorate!

Mr and Mrs Mohammed

I’m going to use the money to buy himself something. I’ve been feeling unwell and winning the money has made me feel better.

Mr Davis

Survey results

Customer feedback is extremely important to us. It lets us know what we are doing well, along with where and how we can improve. This was our first survey linked to the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures.  However, we understand that there are wider issues that residents feel passionately about so we also asked additional questions that will help us improve our offer across the board.

We have work to do to improve the levels of satisfaction of our customers and as an organisation we are listening and acting on your views.

You can see the full survey results below.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Not included in Tenant Satisfaction Measures

We have separated out the experience of our Shared Owners for transparency.

You said, we will do

Following this survey, Trident are committed to following an action plan to improve the service that customers receive. The key actions that this will include are:

  • Improving the experience of our home owners. Trident have already employed a dedicated Home Ownership officer. We will be engaging with them more using panels and targeted surveys to investigate further their feedback. We will also increase communication and clarify what are Trident Group’s and what are the home owners’ responsibilities.
  • To improve repairs provision, there will be internal changes to help improve efficiency and quality checks on repairs completed. The survey also brought up issues with communication around repairs which will improve through our new text messaging service which will be coming into place later this year.
  • To improve customer experience and complaint handling, Trident Group will be recruiting a Customer Experience Manager and a Complaints Administrator. This will help with the timeliness and consistency in answering complaints as well as the experience customers have in contacting us.
  • To improve the neighbourhood and the place where our residents live, we will be engaging brand new litter picking services as well as bulky waste provision. We will also update our policies and procedures to ensure we can speed up removal of abandoned vehicles.
  • To ensure that we continue to provide good value for money, Trident will be reviewing all contracts following our procurement policy and panel.
  • To boost communication, as well as reviewing our website content and processes to ensure timely response, we will be creating a communications panel to review our documents and channels.
  • We will also be improving our customer service offer by offering additional training to staff across the business as well as setting up a “Mystery Shopper” programme to audit our services.

Trident Group are committed to continuing to improve the service our customers receive and we will be building on this over the next 12 months. We will be reporting quarterly on key areas that affect customers on our website and social media so that we can be open and accountable.

These measures are reported to the Regulator of Social Housing annually. In 2024 TLF Research will be undertaking the TSM surveys on our behalf. Customers are selected randomly by TLF Research to take part in a short survey throughout the year with the results being collated. You may receive a phone call or email from TLF Research. Your feedback is invaluable, so we would encourage you to take part if you are able to.

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