Resident and Customer Engagement

We define resident and customer engagement as being about working collaboratively with both our residents and customers to create effective services that meet a variety of needs.

At Trident Group we believe resident and customer involvement and engagement will help us in our mission of being a customer focused business, where our residents and customers have the opportunity and means to influence key decisions.

We are committed to working closely with our residents and customers to help improve our services and we understand different groups and individuals will get involved in different ways. 

Our Resident and Customer Engagement Strategy sets out and provides a ‘menu of options’ for key involvement and engagement. 

To read our Resident and Customer Engagement Strategy, please click the link below:

We have a number of initiatives/activities you could get involved in, some of these are listed below:

  • The Standing Group
    This group works closely with our Group Board and provides opportunities for our residents and customers to have influence on key decisions at a strategic level. 
  • Operation Groups
    We have initiatives such as Green Inspectors (community champions helping to ensure their green spaces and local areas are correctly cared for and maintained well) and The Recruitment Group (residents and customers trained to support with the recruitment of staff across the group), where we give our residents and customers the chance to work alongside Trident Group staff and contractors to help drive deliver the best results and improve customer satisfaction in many different areas of our business.

To view all our options to get involved with resdient and customer engagement, please click HERE.

We also understand that some residents and customers may not feel comfortable to take part in our projects in person and therefore we would encourage you to take part in our surveys so we can still take on your views and feedback.

We regularly ask for your views on a range of things through questionnaires and surveys. Filling these in help provide us with data and tell us how well we are performing or where we need to improve. 

Your contribution, no matter how much or how little, is important to us and helps us to constantly review our performance in our drive to deliver excellent services.

To view all our options to get involved with resdient and customer engagement, please click HERE.

Meet the team

Clinton Simmons, Customer and Partnership Liaison Officer

Clinton has worked with Trident Group for over 6 years. His role revolves around engaging residents and customers and to act as an interface between Trident Group and the people it serves. 

Clinton has worked in supporting both residents and customers into training and employment opportunities, inward investment, assisting people on probation in preparing CV and presentational skills, inclusion and diversity projects and proactively supports City Centre development projects and initiatives. 

His aim is to ensure Trident Group residents and customers enjoy their experience while accessing our services and homes and to provide opportunities that allow our residents and customers to influence decisions taken by the business. Clinton hopes to achieve this by working with colleagues to provide a wide range of options for resident and customer engagement at both a strategic and operational level.

If you would like to discuss resident and customer engagement opportunities with Clinton further then you can contact him by calling 0121 633 4633 or email via clinton.simmons@tridentgroup.org.uk

Marie Calder, Customer and Partnership Liaison Officer

Marie has worked with Trident Group in a variety of managerial roles for over 18 years. However, for the last 10 years she has worked with engaging our residents and customers.

Marie has always ensured she can provide an effective platform where residents and customers can choose to engage in making key decisions for the Group. Her work has always centred on providing a formal and democratic route to allow residents and customers to get involved in the overall governance of the business at all levels, most notably within our care and support charity, Trident Reach.

She supports our residents and customers within their communities to:

  • Exercise choice and maximise control over their own lives and communities in which they reside
  • Have access to training, education or work-like activities and opportunities, to enable people to live independently
  • Encourage people to participate as active equal citizens, both economically and socially
  • Develop contacts and activities to help reduce the effects of isolation and achieve community integration
  • Develop approaches that enable people and communities to enhance their own economic situation and contribute to the local economy.

In recent years Marie, with the participation of residents and customers, has:

  • Set up a food bank to help low-income residents and customers
  • Launched an active appeal (called: ‘Just In Case’) for toiletries, which are then boxed up and given to our residents and customers in need
  • Launched ‘Move On’ starter packs for customers who have moved into their own accommodation from supported services, giving vital utensils and homely items

Marie also offers resident and customer training on a variety of subjects and opportunities, including resident and customer engagement, fair selection training and mystery shopping training.

Marie’s aim is to work in partnership with people who access and work in our services. She strives to make their hopes, dreams and aspirations a reality, whilst also ensuring enhancements to quality of life, retaining dignity and treating others with respect.

If you would like to discuss resident and customer engagement opportunities with Marie further then you can contact her by calling 0121 226 5800 or email via mariec@tridentreach.org.uk

To get involved in projects across the Group, please contact the Customer and Partnership Liaison Team via email at: communityengagement@tridentgroup.org.uk

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