Tenant Satisfaction Measures

The Regulator of Social Housing has created a new set of Tenant Satisfaction Measures for assessing how well housing associations are providing good quality homes and services.

These 12 measures were outlined in the Charter for Social Housing Residents – Social Housing White Paper in 2020 by the government. The Regulator for Social Housing has now created a new system for assessing how well housing associations are providing good quality homes and services.

This will be measured through 10 Management Information Measures (MIMs) as well as 12 Tenant Perception Measures (TPMs). To assess how well we are doing we will be using your feedback through surveys as well as completing regular safety checks on properties and by keeping records on all properties and communications with you.

In our surveys we must assess perceived tenant satisfaction in the following 12 areas:

  • overall satisfaction
  • repairs
  • time taken to complete most recent repairs
  • how well your home is maintained
  • feeling like your home is safe
  • feeling like we listen to your views and act upon them
  • receiving information about things that matter to you
  • being treated fairly and with respect
  • our approach to handling of complaints
  • cleanliness and maintenance of communal areas
  • our positive contributions to neighbourhoods
  • our approach to handling anti-social behaviour

You can read how our residents thought we did in our 2023 Customer Survey.

These measures are new but the principles of providing good quality homes and services are something Trident has always aimed for.

How to get involved

At Trident we always want to improve the service we offer you and we want you to be involved in improving that service.

You can contact us with compliments, comments, or complaints by emailing feedback@tridentgroup.org.uk or by ringing 0121 633 4633.

You can also get involved with Trident and your community in different ways. You could join our Resident, Customer, Community Safety & Inclusion teams at events and roadshows in your local area. These events are advertised on our webpage at https://tridentgroup.org.uk/events/ as well as on our social media channels.

If you would like to be more involved in helping us to improve your homes and communities, you can also join one of our customer panels. We have a number of panels you can join, including:

  • Customer Voice Steering Group
  • Homes and Communities Panel
  • Procurement Panel
  • Task and Finish Group
  • Recruitment Panel
  • Building Safety Panel
  • Complaints Panel
  • Communications Panel

If you would like to join a panel, email us on communityengagement@tridentgroup.org.uk or ring our Resident, Community, Customer Safety and Inclusion team on 0121 633 4633. You can read about the panels by visiting Trident Group – Menu of Engagement

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