Menu of Engagement

We believe by proactive and valuable engagement, we learn more for our future and yours.

Trident Group is committed to both proactively work and engage with our residents and customers to hear your views and feedback; which will help us to further shape our services and also determine where we need to make key investments.

To achieve these objectives, we have created the following ‘menu of engagement’ which allows you to get involved at levels that you feel comfortable with.

Formal Participation

If you’re interested in engaging with Trident Group at a strategic level and have the capacity to commit to agreed periods of time on a regular basis, please see opportunities below:

This is an opportunity for you to make sure that any changes across any trident Group services meet the needs of our residents and customers.  The panel meet to scrutinise a range of service areas through service reviews, performance analysis, customer feedback and staff intervention.

How much time is involved?
Research, preparation and review work of the panel can take up to 2 hours per week.

Trident Group procures goods and services which supports in meeting its obligations.  The panel assists officers and managers in the procurement process with focus on how the contractor/service provider will deliver against the expectations of our residents and customers.  The panel will be involved in the tender process including interview of the contractor/service provider who apply to secure our tendered out contracts.

How much time is involved?
Research, preparation and review work of the panel can take up to 2 hours per week.

The purpose of this group is to undertake work on a specific service area – for example agreeing service standards or revising the complaints procedure.  The outcomes may be achieved over a couple of meetings; with collating resident/customer views, ideas and experiences, influencing the outcome.

How much time is involved?
Research, preparation and review work of the panel can take up to 2 hours per week.

You can support Trident Group recruit the right calibre of staff by actively participating in interview panels.  Full training will be provided to help develop your communication, interview, interpersonal and decision-making skills.

How much time is involved?
Between 4 – 10 hours per month depending upon training and interview schedules.

Our Group Board meetings are held on a regular basis to monitor and review service performance and to plan further.  You will need to apply to become a Standing Group Board Member, which will be assessed by our Group Board.  As a Board Member you will make important contributions, be an advocate for our residents and customers and gain valuable business from this experience.

How much time is involved?
No more than 3 hours per week will be required. Please note full training will be provided to assist you in this role.

The Building Safety Panel will meet to discuss building safety in Trident Housing properties.

These discussions will cover:

• Health and safety compliance
• Consultation plans
• Policies and procedures
• Building safety maintenance
• Fire safety
• Responsible neighbourhood management (communal areas, anti-social behaviour)

The Complaints Panel will meet to discuss customer complaints, including the following:

• Reviewing policies & procedures
• Support for residents after stage 2 complaint process
• Complaint resolutions
• Review trends
• Review survey feedback

The panel will meet to discuss communications sent out to residents from the organisation

• Marketing & Communications
• Documents
• Leaflets
• Surveys
• Posters
• Accessing information & Standards
• Webpages & Social media Content

Active Participation

If you’re interested in your local community or specific services and have limited capacity but able to commit being involved on a more irregular basis, then the opportunities below may be of interest:

Why not join a walkabout with your neighbours, Trident Group staff and partner organisations in your community? By doing so, you will be supporting us in undertaking neighbourhood questionnaires to identify key issues and perceptions of the services received.

How much time is involved?
1 hour, up to 3 times a year.

Help us to monitor the performance of communal cleaning, window cleaning and grounds maintenance on your estate.  In addition, you will advocate on behalf of fellow residents with contractors or Trident Group staff working on your estate.

How much time is involved?
2 hours per month. Training and support will be provided.

These associations or groups work at a local scheme or estate level. You will have the opportunity to attend meetings on an 8 week or quarterly cycle to work with Trident Group on identifying and delivering localised improvements. For more information on how to for a resident/customer association or group, please click HERE.

How much time is involved?
2 hours, every 8-13 weeks.

You can help to influence Trident Group’s service delivery by carrying out mystery shopping online, by telephone or visiting our offices. Support will be given by our staff and other residents/customers who have been or currently are mystery shoppers.

How much time is involved?
1 hour, every 6-8 weeks.

Involved Participation

The following opportunities are for those who are interested in the things that affect them personally, their family or immediate neighbours and who have very limited capacity or time but are willing to participate on an ad hoc basis:

You can support Trident Group to improve how services are delivered by participating in either paper or online surveys, such as the Customer Satisfaction Survey.The surveys are usually short and easy to complete, taking up no longer than around 10 minutes of your time.  They can be completed in a confidential manner within the comfort of your own home or you can be supported by our staff to complete them at one of our offices/services.

How much time is involved?
On average no longer than 10 minutes, per survey.

To get involved in the above opportunities or suggest new projects across the Group, please contact the Community Engagement Team, on 0121 633 4633 or email communityengagement@tridentgroup.org.uk