Anti-Social Behaviour

We want you to live in thriving communities and to achieve we will work in partnership with you to ensure we make your neighbourhood better for everyone.

Every resident is responsible for their behaviour and they need to ensure that everyone in their household, and their visitors, treat their home and the neighbourhood with respect and follow the rules set out in their tenancy agreement.

We know that experiencing anti-social behaviour can be difficult and distressing for those involved. At Trident Group we are committed to supporting you to resolve such issues quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is anti-social behaviour

The term ‘anti-social behaviour’ covers a wide range of unacceptable activities that have a negative effect on the quality of community life and the private lives of people within those communities.

We broadly describe the definition of anti-social behaviour to be “acting in a manner that is capable of causing annoyance, nuisance, alarm and distress to another person”.

Anti-social behaviour can take many forms such as threatening, aggressive behaviour, persistent loud music. We will offer advice and support depending on the nature of your report. You may need to report the incident to us as well as others, such as the Police and the Local Authority. In some instances, such as neighbour disputes, when the nuisance is not persistent or regular and even though these can be upsetting and distressing incidents, it may not be anti-social behaviour. Therefore, it would not be appropriate, nor do we have the power to act upon such reports.

  • Arson
  • Assault and threats of violence
  • Criminal damage
  • Drug use or dealing
  • Immoral use of property – prostitution/brothels
  • Noise – persistent and deemed to be a statutory nuisance
  • Sexual offences
  • Verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation
  • Use of weapons
  • Babies crying
  • Car parking issues
  • Children playing ball games or youths congregating
  • Cooking smells
  • Complaints about general  domestic noises like doors banging, footsteps etc
  • DIY noise
  • Lifestyle clashes
  • People being unpleasant to one another – neighbour/family disputes
  • Pets fouling, barking or causing any other nuisance
  • ‘One off’ events such as a birthday or parties

We will take a reasonable approach to all reports of suspected anti-social behaviour (allegations) and will intervene where it is in the best interests of our residents and us. We will consider how regular or persistent the anti-social behaviour is, and the harm or likely harm it causes. We will intervene when behaviour poses a risk to a person’s tenancy or there is a risk of harm.

What to consider before reporting anti-social behaviour

If you feel that you can discuss your concerns with the person causing the problem, and it is safe and appropriate, please do so in a polite and courteous manner.  Tell them what you are upset about as some individuals may not be aware that their behaviour is upsetting others. By speaking to them directly it can sometimes help resolve matters more efficiently and effectively. This approach can often help to build and sustain neighbourly relationships.

Is the behaviour classed as anti-social behaviour?

Sometimes our neighbours may do things that irritate and upset us but think about what they are actually doing and whether this is anti-social.

Who else should I tell?

In some cases, as a landlord, we will not always be the organisation with the responsibility or powers to deal with the report made. Therefore, you may also need to report the incident to other agencies, such as the Police if the incident is serious or criminal in nature. The local authority may also offer help and advice in environmental issues such as pets, noise or rubbish dumping. Trident Group works closely and collaboratively in partnership with other agencies.

What will Trident Group do?

Upon receipt of your report, we will contact you:

  • Within 1 working day for high risk incidents (serious)
  • Within 5 working days for medium risk incidents (minor)

In confidence, we will further discuss your report with you.  In most cases, and if you are happy for us to do so, we will contact the person causing you a problem and discuss the allegations with them.

We will give them the opportunity to tell us their side of the story and to modify their behaviour. 

What action can Trident Group take?

Dependent upon the nature of the claim we have a number of actions we can take, including:

  • Offering mediation, where all parties involved discuss the problems
  • Encouraging resident to sign an ‘Acceptable Behaviour Contract’, agreeing that they will behave in an acceptable manner within their neighbourhood
  • Issuing formal tenancy warnings
  • Ask you to record noise nuisance on The Noise App, which you can download onto any mobile device from the app store, that is appropriate to your device
  • Taking enforcement (legal) action when the anti-social behaviour does not stop and all other avenues have failed

How does Trident Group decide what action to take?

We take the following factors into account when considering what our next steps will be. 

  • The type of behaviour
  • The severity and frequency of incidents
  • The evidence that is available
  • The impact that the behaviour is having
  • Who else is being affected
  • Whether the person/people whose behaviour is causing problems has been given an opportunity to change it (depending on the severity of it) and whether there has been an improvement
  • What other intervention(s) has/ have been considered or tried so far 

At all times Trident Group will:

  • Take your complaint seriously and investigate your claim.
  • We will tell you what we will do and give you a timescale.
  • Let you know of how you may help yourself whilst we are investigating.
  • Keep you informed.

To report anti-social behaviour to us, please fill in the form below with as much information you can give.

First and last name
Location or address where the incident took place
Please enter date and time
Please give any names and addresses
Write down, in as much detail, what you saw and heard
Tell us how this incident has made you feel and if it has had any last effects

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