Homes and Communities Team

Creating homes and communities for you to call home.

The Homes and Communities Team are here to provide homes, create places and communities for our residents to call home.

We are here to be in a committed partnership with our residents from their very first engagement with us, right through to the time they leave their tenancy with Trident Housing.

In our recent 2021 resident and customer satisfaction survey, our residents told us that:

•they live in a quality home
•they have a safe and secure home
•they live in a good neighbourhood
•they are treated fairly and with respect

Our goal is simply to support you in sustaining your tenancy with us and for you to enjoy your home and surrounding community.

Allocations and Lettings Team

Our Allocations and Lettings Team play and integral part in our tenants journey with us from the very first contact; whether they become a resident with us or find accommodation elsewhere.

The team will provide a person centered approach to completing hosuing applications and needs assessment, with further full pre-tenancy support and engagement including pre-tenancy workshops.

To view our homes on offer and how you can apply for housing with Trident Housing, please visit our ‘Find A Home’ section on our website. Alternatively you can call the team on 0121 633 4633 or email them via LettingsTeam@tridentgroup.org.uk

Homes and Communities Officers

Whether you live in a Trident Housing property or live within supported housing (through our care and support charity, Trident Reach), you will have a dedicated Homes and Communities Officer or Intensive Housing Management Officer.

Your dedicated Officer will be focussed on providing vital estate and tenancy management support, ensuring all needs are met to allow you to sustain your tenancy, pay your rent and enjoy your home. They will also work to promote resident enagegment, estate inspections and walkabouts.

Your appointed Officer will also be responsible for completing an annual tenancy audit to identify and deal with any issues that might be affecting your ability to manage your tenancy. During these visits you can discuss concerns you may have as well as putting forward ideas to get involved within your community. These visits will also allow our team to identify any tenancy fraud and other tenancy breaches and act accordingly.

Housing Services Manager – Elaine Oughton

Elaine Oughton manages our Homes and Communities Officers; and Tenancy Sustainment Officer.

Your Homes and Communities Officers are Steve Martin, Priya Chauhan, and Kenny Hunte. They are managed by Elaine Oughton.

You will receive information on who your dedicated Officer will be when you successfully let a property from us. However in the meantime if you have any questions, please contact the team on 0121 633 4633.

Tenancy Sustainment Service

We know, at times, things can be difficult and sometimes it’s hard to see past your current condition. We recognise that some residents may find it hard to find the right source of information or support; or simply feel overwhelmed with worries and struggles. This is why Trident Housing Association has created a Tenancy Sustainment Service.

Tenancy Sustainment is a service designed to help Trident Housing residents, who find it difficult to manage their tenancies, those facing homelessness or requiring assistance because of their specific need or vulnerability. The service takes an individualistic approach to empowering and supporting residents to not only meeting their tenancy obligations but also in fulfilling their personal aims, aspirations and preventing tenancy failures.

The aim of this service is to ensure all Trident Housing residents live successfully in their homes for as long as they choose to, meeting all tenancy obligations and avoiding any tenancy breaches or adverse tenancy ends.

Our Tenancy Sustainment Officer is Kereen Nelson.

To contact our Tenancy Sustainment Officer, please call 0121 633 4633.

For more information on this new service, please see below:

Resident, Customer, and Community Safety and Inclusion Team

The Resident, Customer, and Community Safety and Inclusion function is here to support you and ensure your voice is heard as a resident or customer.

The team is to assist residents in forming and maintaining resident groups and focus groups for our different estates and schemes. They will work to form clubs and regular meetings which will promote community safety, health, and well-being.

The team also work to help Trident Housing to engage more effectively with residents, ensuring everyone is included regardless of geographical area or demographic. They will ensure that the customer voice is heard and has an input in decisions made by the organisation.

For more information on our engagement work, please visit the ‘Resident and Customer Engagement‘ section of our website.

Your Resident, Customer, and Community Safety and Inclusion Officers are Linda Edwards, Neil Spears, and Satinder Singh.

To contact the team, please email CommunityEngagement@tridentgroup.org.uk

Income Officers

Alongside having a dedicated Homes and Communities Officer who will support you with maintaining your tenancy, you will also have an Income Officer who will help you with ensuring you are able to sustain your tenancy with us.

Our Income Officers will provide an excellent customer-focussed service to all Trident Housing residents, ensuring that you are aware of your responsibility to pay your rent on time and regularly. They will also offer you support to:

  • maximise your income
  • monitor, support and manage Universal Credit and other welfare benefits
  • ensuring the robust and timely management of debt to minimise rent and service charge lost due to non-payment, thus leading to you falling in arrears
  • offer advice and encourage debt counselling and refer tenants to specialist advice
  • advise further on preventative action to be taken to stop you falling into arrears

Rent and service charges are priority payments, and not keeping up with payments could lead to suspension of services, losing your home and it could affect your credit rating. Although our main goal is to support you in both sustaining and maintaining your tenancy with us, our Income Team will also be tasked to enforce the terms you signed when becoming our tenant.

Your Income Officers are Sharon Gibson, Martin Hall, John Pexton, and Mavis Coffie. They are managed by Amarjit Deu.

To contact the team, please call 0121 633 4633 or email IncomeManagement@tridentgroup.org.uk

Community Safety and Safeguarding

The Community Safety and Safeguarding function exists to be the lead on safeguarding cases which involve high level anti-social behaviour (ASB) and domestic abuse. To attend the Local Partnership Delivery Groups (LPDG) for each area to discuss areas of focus in the communities. To represent Trident Housing at the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), and ensure all actions are followed through to safeguard residents.

The Community Safety and Safeguarding Officer will also take civil action on cases where there has been no way of resolution, they will represent Trident Housing at Violence Prevention Unit meetings with police and continue to build partnerships with police and agencies across local authorities where we have residents.

Your Community Safety and Safeguarding Officer is Colwin Cort