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Helping people take their first step onto the property ladder is a vital part of our aim to transform lives and build strong, lasting communities.

If you are a leaseholder or looking to become a leaseholder, owning your own home outright or as a shared owner having purchased a share in a property, then you may need to have contact with Trident Group from time to time.

Trident Group provides specific services to around 450 leaseholders and shared owners, the information here provides you with answers to some of the questions that you may have.

Trident Group is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the structure, exterior and common parts in blocks of flats and maisonettes. These are often referred to as communal repairs, planned maintenance or major works. Depending upon the design of the building and nature of its construction, this might include works and services to:

  • Exterior walls.
  • Rainwater and soil pipes.
  • External sewers and drains.
  • Gas, water and electricity pipes up to the flat.
  • External decorations to communal areas.
  • Internal communal areas such as stairs, landings, rubbish chutes etc.
  • Communal windows and doors.
  • Communal grounds.

Leaseholder’s Responsibility to Repair

In addition to your obligation to pay for the cost of communal repairs and redecoration, you are responsible for making the arrangements carrying out and paying for all repairs to the inside of your home. This includes repairs to:

  • Fittings such as kitchen units and sinks.
  • Internal non-structural walls.
  • Plaster or other surface materials on interior walls and ceilings.
  • Front door and window locks.
  • Internal doors and door frames.
  • Toilets, baths and showers.
  • Radiators, cisterns, tanks, boilers and pipes used exclusively within the flat.
  • Gas, water and electricity installations exclusive to the flat.
  • Fixtures, fittings and internal decorations.

You are responsible for any leaks or burst pipes, including damage caused to other property as a consequence. You should always ensure that you have adequate contents insurance. For further information, visit My Home Contents Insurance: https://www.thistlemyhome.co.uk/

If you need to report a repair which is the responsibility of Trident Group, please email us at maintenanceteam@tridentgroup.org.uk or call 0121 6334633.

If you are reporting an emergency repair outside of office hours, which are 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday, please call 0121 643 6060.

Permission to Alter or Repair

You can redecorate and replace fittings within your property, but you must not carry out structural works or improvements without Trident Group’s permission, for example loft conversions, installing heating, rewiring, removing walls and fitting new windows/doors. Please speak to your Housing Officer for further guidance.

When major works are planned in addition to the legal framework and requirements, we will meet with all leaseholders to consult on the works to be carried out and the costs involved.

As a Leaseholder you have the right to:

  • Information on service charges and the costs incurred to your block of flats or maisonettes.
  • Be consulted on major works affecting your block of flats or maisonettes.

The right to consultation

Trident Group is required to consult with you about any major works programme that you will be required to make a contribution towards, if the work falls under one of the two following categories:

Qualifying Works
 covers exterior decorations, major works and improvements, which cost over £250 for any leaseholder. If we do not consult you before carrying out Qualifying Works we will not charge you more than £250, subject to the provisions below.

Qualifying Long Term Agreement (QLTA)
 is an agreement entered into by Trident Group with a wholly independent organisation or contractor for a period of more than 12 months after 31 October 2003. The agreement can cover the supply of goods or services where the leaseholder is liable today towards the cost. For example, the agreement could be for maintenance of lifts or a fire alarm system. Under QLTA leaseholders must be consulted if the apportioned cost to any leaseholder exceeds £100 in a 12 month period. If there was no consultation, the amount chargeable will be limited to £100.

How we consult

You will be consulted as an individual leaseholder or through a recognised residents’ association. There are three stages to the consultation process:

Stage One: During this stage you will receive details of the proposed works.

Stage Two: Here you will receive details of the estimated cost. You will have 30 days during each stage to give us your comments and observations in writing. You will also be able to nominate an alternative contractor to the one we propose.

Stage Three: You will be notified of the contractor appointed to carry out the work and why. Trident must have regard to all leaseholders’ observations made during stages one and two, at the end of which we will summarise for you what those observations were and our responses to them.

Paying for Planned or Major Works

Trident Group recognises that some leaseholders may find it difficult to pay for the associated costs of the works. We balance this against our obligations to maintain. Payments are made to the contractor at the completion of each stage of planned works or major works programme. If you have difficulty paying for the work in a lump sum we will discuss alternative methods of payment with you. If you have any queries with regard to the payment terms for planned or major works, please contact us.

If you have any problem with any of the planned or major works that have been carried out, you should notify us immediately. Failure to notify Trident Group at this stage may result in you receiving a bill for works carried out. At this stage it may be too late to recall the contractors to correct any faults.

Cyclical Works Programmeprogramme of painting and some high level maintenance that are planned on a five year programme. There is a programme in place with provisional dates, when painting of communal areas is to take place at each scheme. If you require any information regarding this please contact us.

Planned Major Works

Major works are identified from surveys; legal requirements to meet Health and Safety Standards. They are works that are in addition to day-to-day repairs and maintenance due to the costs of carrying out the works. These can include replacement roofing, replacement windows, replacement or updating of security doors and/or intercoms.

There is a provisional major works programme for the current financial year with future major works being identified and put in to the programme as and when required. For information regarding this programme, please contact us.

Trident Group arranges the buildings insurance cover of your property if you live in a flat or a maisonette or are a shared owner. The cost of this is recharged to all leaseholders / shared owners through the annual service charge.

This does not cover your contents. Please ensure that you arrange your own contents/personal belongings insurance.

Please find below a copy of the Building Insurance summary of cover which you are free to print off. 

Should you have any queries or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact Trident Group on 0121 633 4633.

A Summary of Cover is attached. However, we think the following points will be of interest to you.

(a) The policy operates on a ‘blanket’ basis, which dispenses with the need to specify each property insured on an individual basis.

(b) Sums Insured are not allocated to individual properties or blocks of properties. Each property is automatically insured for its re-building cost and this is maintained at all times.

(c) No endorsement needs to be issued in respect of Tenants, Owners, Shared Owners or Freeholders as the policy automatically recognises them as Joint Insured. Additionally, the interests of Building Societies, Banks or other Mortgagees are recognised.

We would also confirm the property owners’ liability professional fees; demolition and site clearance costs are covered by the policy.

Click the link below to view Trident Housing Association Limited Buildings Insurance Certificate:

Property Insurance – Leasehold and Right to Buy Properties

We have included a list of some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from leaseholders; these may be able to answer any queries that you have:

What happens if I cannot make a payment ?

If you have payment difficulties or are unable to make payment in full we are here to help. You should contact the Homes and Communities team immediately to discuss your situation and discuss any options available to you.

What happens if I have already made an agreement with my Housing Officer / Income Officer to pay my account by instalments?

Whenever you receive an invoice for charges you should contact your Housing Officer or Income Officer to discuss any arrangement you have already in place or wish to make. If you already have an arrangement, you can discuss the possibility of varying your agreement to include this invoice.

In April when I receive my estimated service charge do I have to pay the full amount?

Your lease, like most leases, says that you make payments of your service charges each quarter. You can make a payment each quarter or you can make an agreement to pay the charges over a twelve month period, based on payment of the same amount each month.

What happens if the estimate is too high or too low?

Your bill will be adjusted in the September of each year, when actual costs are known and a statement of your actual costs, showing the adjustment, is provided to you as audited accounts.

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