Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Trident Group is committed to providing effective and fair services.

We value the diverse nature of our staff, customers and those using our services, and will ensure that this is reflected in all our practices, policies.

To this end we will:

  • Ensure that, as an employer and as a service provider, that we do not discriminate against any groups within the community.
  • Aim to ensure that support and information is available to all customers, applicants and other client groups so as to enable equal access to our services.
  • Tackle discrimination and to promote diversity and equality of opportunity in the provision of services and employment. This means recognising and valuing the differences between people’s gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, marital status, sexual orientation and any other individual characteristic.
  • Recognise that everyone is entitled to be treated with openness, integrity and respect and are therefore committed to the provision of quality and diverse services for all users and potential users, without prejudice or discrimination.
  • Reflect our commitment to this vision through our Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan which sets out our aims and targets in this area.

Some of the practical steps already taken by Trident Group in this area are:

  • We do not tolerate the harassment of residents or staff, and have harassment policies in place for both domestic violence and racial harassment. We also have the necessary procedures and contacts in place to be able to effectively deal with incidents of harassment.
  • We have recruitment policies and procedures in place that are designed to give all job applicants an equal chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities, and therefore allow us to choose the best candidate for the job. You can learn more in the Careers section.
  • We have fair lettings and sales procedures in place that allow our properties to be accessible to all members of the community. Applicants for housing are requested to indicate their ethnic origin when applying for properties.  This information is recorded and used to monitor approved applications.
  • We monitor our services to existing customers to ensure we treat people fairly