About Us

Created in 1962, Trident Group’s aim has always been to support disadvantaged communities across the Midlands region.

Creating thriving and prospering communities

We are a people-centred, modern organisation built upon the three pillars of: quality affordable homes and services, care and support, and social investment and enterprise. We are dedicated to the development of sustainable, diverse, co-operative, caring and vibrant communities.

With almost 60 years’ experience of building homes and delivering vital care and support services, Trident Group want to create thriving and prospering communities by being a beacon of hope.

The Group includes:

Trident Housing builds homes and provides landlord services for the Group in respect of housing management and maintenance.

Originally a department under Trident Housing Association and then becoming a registered charity in September 2009, Trident Reach provides vital services (homeless, mental health, young people, older people, BME groups and domestic violence) to people across the Midlands.

Trident Star is the Group’s commercial body.

The Group employs more than 750 staff, works with over 150 volunteers and provides training places and apprenticeships for many more. The Group has an annual turnover of more than £37m and owns assets close than £190m.