Big Door Knock

Posted on: 19 Jun 24

This summer we will be out and about getting to know the most important person to Trident – you.

This summer, you will be seeing our colleagues knocking on your and your neighbours’ doors asking you to fill in a customer census so that we can better know you. The survey will mean we can update your information that we currently hold on you so that we can improve the service you receive from us. This may mean that we can send letters in a preferred language, send you texts when your repair is booked, or simply call at a time that you prefer. All this information will mean that you will see an improved service from us.

We want to get better and improve the services you get from us and build better relationships with all of our residents.  Everyone of our residents is unique and have different requirements and expectations of us. We want to make sure you get the services you need and want, and they are as individual as you are. This is so we can better know our residents and put you at the heart of what we do.

All staff will have Trident Group Identity Badges and will tell you who they are and why they are at your door when they visit you. All your information will be stored safely in our customer database which is protected by our excellent cyber security. We will only use this information as required to best serve you and will not pass onto third parties without your consent. For more information visit https://tridentgroup.org.uk/corporate/your-privacy-matters/ or contact our Communications Team on communications@tridentgroup.org.uk 

The survey will take only about 15 minutes and will be completed on tablets at your door. Every resident who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw!