Rent First Campaign Launched

Posted on: 01 Feb 24

Trident Group has today launched its “Rent First” campaign. The campaign will encourage residents to prioritise paying their rent as soon as their income comes in.

We understand that at a time of high cost of living that bills can feel overwhelming but it is very important that the first bill you pay is always your rent. Not paying can put you at risk of losing your home.

We don’t want anyone to lose their home. That’s why we would rather work with you to manage your debt and help you to prevent arrears now and in the future.

Over the next couple of weeks, residents in arrears or at risk of arrears will be contacted by the Income Teams, offering advice and guidance. This will include checking for benefits that a resident may be eligible for as well as looking at budgeting advice.

We will also be planning roadshows where teams will be available for residents to discuss their rent payments as well as any other issues affecting them.

One easy way to ensure that you are always on top of your rent is to use our resident portal. By registering to use the portal, you can check your rent and service charges as well as using our AllPay system to pay any rent that you may owe.

Setting up a direct debit can also give you confidence that your rent is always paid on time and that any changes are managed for you without hassle of going to the bank. The direct debit guarantee means that your payments are secure and protects you in the rare event of an error. Call us on 0121 633 4633 and we can set up this for you over the phone or you can email our Income team on IncomeManagement@tridentgroup.org.uk.

If you fall into arrears, please make sure you:
• Contact us immediately so we can help you
• Read any letters that you receive from us carefully
• Take independent advice if you need to

We wish to work with you to ensure that you remain in your home which is why it is important that you contact us if you are struggling to pay your rent and don’t ignore it. We know that it can be a stressful situation but tell us first so that we can support and advise you. Contact your Income Officer immediately, who can look at your situation and give you advice. 

To contact the team, please call 0121 633 4633 or email IncomeManagement@tridentgroup.org.uk

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