Trident joins Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance

Posted on: 18 Apr 23

Trident is now an accredited member of Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) working towards a formal accreditation.

The alliance was formed to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse. DAHA’s mission is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse so that we can keep survivors and family’s safe while holding perpetrators to account.

Through repairs, housing visits, engagement activities, and telephone calls from customers, we are often in one of the best positions to be able to identify domestic abuse and safeguarding concerns in the home that may be invisible to others.

Domestic abuse affects 5% of all adults in the UK and on average the police receive over 100 calls per hour about an incident. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone but is a largely gendered crime making women more at risk. Each week 2 women are murdered by a current or former partner and 3 more will kill themselves to escape the abuse. Children are often in the room or the next room while abuse occurs, and this can cause lasting trauma. It is incredibly important that we take abuse seriously in all the forms it takes including psychological, financial, sexual, physical, and coercive control.

Trident are committed to supporting people experiencing abuse and helping them to stay safe. We want every resident to feel safe in their homes and secure in the knowledge that Trident will support them and take their abuse seriously. We want to provide training, support, and guidance for all our colleagues to feel confident in what to do should someone disclose abuse and where to signpost them to. We will also be looking at ways we can best support survivors to remain in their own homes where they wish and to hold abusers to account for their actions.

Over the next months, we will be working to earn the official accreditation for DAHA and to do so we have set up a steering group to lead on changes we will have to undertake to create an organization where everyone takes responsibility for supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

Accreditation means that Trident Group will offer a non-judgemental, safe environment where survivors feel listened to, and treated as individuals. Staff across all services will work hard to ensure that the voices of survivors are shared and listened to, so that their stories offer hope and help to others.

For more information on the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance, please visit dahalliance.org.uk

If you are concerned about yourself or a neighbour, please contact your Housing Officers by ringing 0121 633 4633.

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