Service Charge Consultation Survey

Posted on: 18 Jan 24

Have your say – take our survey

Every year we review our service charges, at the same time as setting our rent according to government rules. 

A service charge is the amount you pay towards the cost of us providing communal or shared services to a building and, if applicable, to your surrounding estate and is in addition to rent.  Service charges are set based on the actual cost of delivering each of the service elements to you. Service charges are recharged back to tenants in arrears, in other words we pay the invoices for the work and services, and we then recharge the costs back to you through a service charge.

That’s why services charges can go up or down from one year to the next. We will use the actual costs for delivering services during the financial year 2022/23 to prepare the revised 2024/25 service charges.

Some of the common services that are charged may include:

Fire Safety

Building Safety

Cleaning/Caretaking, e.g cleaning and maintenance of internal communal areas, stairs and rubbish chutes

Gardening and Ground Maintenance, eg, cutting grass, planting and weeding

Door Entry Systems

Lighting, eg, block or estate costs which include the replacement of any light bulbs in communal areas.



If you live in a property where you pay Service Charges this is your opportunity to give us some feedback.

Click our Survey Monkey link below to take our survey today, to help us improve how we deliver our services to you.