Welcome to Trident’s first Complaints Awareness Week!

Posted on: 19 Aug 22

This week Trident Group is hosting a week raising awareness of how customers can place a complaint against service they have received from Trident.

When Trident held their Resident Survey in 2021, 64% of respondents did not know how to complain about a negative experience they had had with our service. We are aiming to improve this percentage over the next couple of days so that every customer feels empowered to complain if they are not receiving the service we would expect for them.

Our Resident, Customer, Community Safety & Inclusion Team will also be hosting events at Clocktower Avenue and Pegasus Close in Telford to promote our complaints process. Customers in Shropshire showed less confidence in how to complain compared to other customers surveyed so have been the focus of this week. We will measure improvements using surveys of occupiers there to see the before and after effect of the week. More widely Trident will also be raising awareness of how to complain through a social media campaign explaining how the process works.

Having a robust and customer focussed response to complaints means that Trident can continue to improve, providing the best possible customer service. Trident has over the past year also improved the response to complaints including regular Cross-Departmental Complaints Case Review Meetings and increased involvement of residents through the Customer Voice Standing Group.

A complaint is when you as our resident or customer are dissatisfied about our action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf.

  • If we take a long time to respond to any of your enquiries
  • If you think we have failed to provide a good service
  • If any of our staff or contractors have delivered a bad service
  • If we failed to follow our procedures properly
  • Neighbour nuisance – this will be dealt with by our housing or care/support staff in accordance to the Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
  • Health and safety concerns – these will be dealt by a Senior Manager in the 1st instance for rectification
  • Where there are safeguarding issues – these will be dealt in accordance to the Safeguarding Policy
  • If there is pending legal action against Trident Group
  • If it is an attempt to re-open a previously concluded complaint
  • Complaint about the conduct of our staff or contractors – this will be managed in accordance with Trident Group’s Code of Conduct

You can complain in person at our offices or services, by phone, email, letter or through our website.

You can read more about our complaints procedure and our policies.