Energy Costs Update

Posted on: 28 Apr 22

We are all being affected by the increased cost of electricity and gas since the big price increases at the start of April 2022. The cost of energy in an average UK home has increased by £700 and this could increase further in October 2022.

Trident Group has worked hard to limit the impact that it will have on service charges but with energy pricing being out of the Group’s control, we could unfortunately see further increases. We will work with customers to see how we can deliver services more efficiently so that we manage overall service costs for the blocks and estates we manage.

There are also things we can all do to manage our energy usage. The Energy Saving Trust have come up with some quick tips to save energy – the full article can be read here: Quick tips to save energy at home – Energy Saving Trust. Even small changes to our routines can save money.

Graph displaying how much one can save on energy through different activites. 4 min showers save £70, not using tumble dryer saves £60, swtiching off standby saves £55.

If you are worried about, or struggling to pay, your rent, service charges or bills, please get in touch with us by calling our Income Management Team on 0121 633 4633, or emailing incomemanagement@tridentgroup.org.uk or alternatively call 0121 633 4633 to speak to your Housing Officer and we will see what we can do to help.