Tenancy Sustainment Service launched

Posted on: 23 Nov 20

We know, at times, things can be difficult and sometimes it’s hard to see past your current condition. We recognise that some residents may find it hard to find the right source of information or support; or simply feel overwhelmed with worries and struggles. This is why Trident Housing Association is launching their new Tenancy Sustainment Service.

Tenancy Sustainment is a service designed to help Trident Housing residents, who find it difficult to manage their tenancies, those facing homelessness or requiring assistance because of their specific need or vulnerability. The service takes an individualistic approach to empowering and supporting residents to not only meeting their tenancy obligations but also in fulfilling their personal aims, aspirations and preventing tenancy failures.

The aim of this service is to ensure all Trident Housing residents live successfully in their homes for as long as they choose to, meeting all tenancy obligations and avoiding any tenancy breaches or adverse tenancy ends.

Jay Gill, Head of Homes and Communities said: "The new Tenancy Sustainment Service within the Homes & Communities Team has been created to empower and support residents to sustain tenancies and by doing so we want residents to maintain a good standard of living so they can fulfil their tenancy agreement and have a positive impact within their home and community.

As we go through the pandemic we will continue to see residents needing support as they grapple with mental health. We will do everything we possibly can to help our residents and our Tenancy Sustainment Service will play an integral part to help achieve positive outcomes.”

For more information on this new service, please see below: