When major works are planned in addition to the legal framework and requirements, we will meet with all leaseholders to consult on the works to be carried out and the costs involved.

As a Leaseholder you have the right to:

  • Information on service charges and the costs incurred to your block of flats or maisonettes.
  • Be consulted on major works affecting your block of flats or maisonettes.

The right to consultation

Trident Group is required to consult with you about any major works programme that you will be required to make a contribution towards, if the work falls under one of the two following categories:

Qualifying Works
 covers exterior decorations, major works and improvements, which cost over £250 for any leaseholder. If we do not consult you before carrying out Qualifying Works we will not charge you more than £250, subject to the provisions below.

Qualifying Long Term Agreement (QLTA)
 is an agreement entered into by Trident Group with a wholly independent organisation or contractor for a period of more than 12 months after 31 October 2003. The agreement can cover the supply of goods or services where the leaseholder is liable today towards the cost. For example, the agreement could be for maintenance of lifts or a fire alarm system. Under QLTA leaseholders must be consulted if the apportioned cost to any leaseholder exceeds £100 in a 12 month period. If there was no consultation, the amount chargeable will be limited to £100.

How we consult

You will be consulted as an individual leaseholder or through a recognised residents’ association. There are three stages to the consultation process:

Stage One: During this stage you will receive details of the proposed works.

Stage Two: Here you will receive details of the estimated cost. You will have 30 days during each stage to give us your comments and observations in writing. You will also be able to nominate an alternative contractor to the one we propose.

Stage Three: You will be notified of the contractor appointed to carry out the work and why. Trident must have regard to all leaseholders’ observations made during stages one and two, at the end of which we will summarise for you what those observations were and our responses to them.

Paying for Planned or Major Works

Trident Group recognises that some leaseholders may find it difficult to pay for the associated costs of the works. We balance this against our obligations to maintain. Payments are made to the contractor at the completion of each stage of planned works or major works programme. If you have difficulty paying for the work in a lump sum we will discuss alternative methods of payment with you. If you have any queries with regard to the payment terms for planned or major works, please contact us.

If you have any problem with any of the planned or major works that have been carried out, you should notify us immediately. Failure to notify Trident Group at this stage may result in you receiving a bill for works carried out. At this stage it may be too late to recall the contractors to correct any faults.