Trident Group is a people-centred, modern group of social businesses built upon the three pillars of quality affordable homes and services, care and support, and social investment and enterprise, dedicated to the development of sustainable, diverse, co-operative, caring and vibrant neighbourhoods.

The Group meets the needs of those disadvantaged individuals and communities left behind and fosters wellbeing, supporting the realisation of dreams, independence, pride and potential.

The Group is committed to living the positive change we wish to see in the world focussing our resources on priorities, and built upon an ethical and financially robust business platform, aiming to be an outstanding service provider in the Midlands.

The Trident Vision

To be a ‘Beacon of Hope’ 

The Trident Mission

To provide homes and services to vulnerable residents and clients, whilst maintaining a cost effective and sustainable business.  Working closely with residents and customers, local communities, Local Authority partners and key stakeholders.