Trident at the Commonwealth Games

Posted on: 29 Jul 22

Yesterday one of our Trident Reach customers took part in the Opening Ceremony

Ruth Cunliffe, a Trident Reach customer, took part in the Opening Ceremony of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games yesterday (Thursday 28 July 2022).

She was one of the 2000 performers who took part as Birmingham welcomes the Commonwealth to take part in the "friendly games". As well as being one of the dancers, she was also the Placard Bearer for the Pacific country of Samoa.

Ruth has been supported through the whole process by her support worker, Kelly, and said that:

"I was at the point where I was thinking about possibly pulling out of it because I wasn't feeling myself but Kelly was basically like, "No you're going to do this, you're going to absolutely love it," and she basically supported me through the whole thing... I'm really, really, really glad that she pushed me to do it because I'm absolutely loving it."

We had an exclusive interview with Ruth ahead of the opening ceremony which you can watch below. In it she speaks about what she was excited about for the ceremony as well as how important Trident Reach has been for building her confidence meaning that she has felt able to "go for gold" and represent Birmingham this evening.

Trident are delighted that Ruth was able to take part in the ceremony showcasing Birmingham to the world and that more importantly she has been supported to grow her confidence to the point she could take part in a once in a lifetime event.