30 Leaseholder Home Owner Service standards

Trident aims to provide a highly efficient and effective service to all our Leaseholders/Home Owners. We will provide a service that is consistent with our vision and values. The following standards explain the level of service you can expect to receive from Trident.

Information and Communication

We will:

Provide all Leaseholders with quarterly Service Charge statements.

Ensure that you receive clear information concerning the cost of services and your rights and responsibilities throughout the period of home ownership.

Provide Leaseholders with Audited Accounts for Service Charges and ground rent each year. The Audited Accounts will explain the elements that make up the Service Charge with additional information on expenditure.

Offer a wide range of payment methods for paying Service Charges.

Provide money and welfare benefit advice as well as guidance on Service Charge arrears. We will also suggest where you can obtain help and advice from outside organisations, if we are unable to assist.

Provide all new Leaseholders and Home Owners with a handbook. We will also make copies available upon request.
Respond to all enquiries within 10 working days.

Provide information specific to Leaseholders/Home Owners via our resident newsletter, Trident Talk, twice a year.

have a specific page for Leaseholders/Home Owners on our Website www.trident-ha.org.uk

Consultation and Involvement

We will:

Hold a minimum of four Leasehold Service

Improvement Panel meetings each year.

Ensure that all Leaseholders/Home Owners are consulted before changes are made to services that affect them.

Consult Leaseholders before carrying out any major works that require a contribution from them. For any major works costing more than £250 we will carry out section 20 Consultation.

Seek feedback through regular Estate Walkabouts. We will listen to what you have to say about our services and respond to any problems, queries or dissatisfaction you may have.

Involve you in the decisions we make, listen to your suggestions, and feedback on the changes we have made to our services as a result.

Inform you of the different ways you can get involved in making decisions that will affect the management of your building or estate.

When things go wrong

We will:

Listen to what you have to say and aim to learn from complaints and other feedback.

We will investigate all complaints fairly and in accordance with our Comments, Compliments and Complaints procedure, keeping you informed at all stages of the process. Where possible, we will aim to find a resolution to your complaint within 10 working days.

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